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Monday, November 14, 2005

Flavia Simonscans

It's 3 in the afternoon and I'm eating a plate of pasta fueled with tabasco while listening to CNN. It looks like the Democrats and Republicans are going to butt heads until the next election. If Bush's poll gets low enough, Democrats figure they have a good opportunity to regain the majority in congress. More friction is the name of the game. The do-nothing congress...these politicians are too busy playing the DC game and when election comes around, they're all going to talk as if they got a ton of things done.

Anyway...I had to ramble a bit just so Google don't wack this blog for not having enough "content." Well, here's Flavia from Simon Scans, one of my favorite UK babes. She's down to earth, blonde, and looks like she's always happy with a big smile on her face. She's got huge nipples, almost the size of grapes, and her ass is so damn spankable. She does look kinda like a tomboy, but I dig that too. Anyway, I hope you enjoy Flavia's full-size pic. There's tons more at Check it out!

Emily at Simonscans

Simon did a fine job photographing Emily. Just one look at her youthful smile contrasted by her huge tits and long legs is enough to give anyone a boner. Not to mention her lack of hesitation when it comes to shoving her fingers in her pussy and ass. You can tell she really enjoys it! Plus Emily really looks hot in blue jeans...although she looks even better without them. See tons of more photos of Emily at Simon Scans.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Simonscans Penny

Penny from Simon Scans is a tall amateur sweetie from Britain with blonde hair and legs that don't quit. She's also got a funky Chinese-symbol tattoo above her belly button and tits the size of grapefruits. Click here to see tons more pictures of Penny at Simonscans.

Simonscans Alicia

If you're looking for amateur teen girls then Alicia from Simon Scans will fit the bill very nicely. She has a baby face and dark hair. Doesn't seem to polished or mature, even a little giggly...but when it comes to spreading her pussy wide open and stuffing it with a big black toy, then she'll do very well. Click here to see more of Simonscans Alicia!